Friday, July 25, 2008

Tattoos - First Set

Here is the first set of tattoos. Please email me at theacuffs(at) with the numbers or names of your ten favorite. They can be all from one set or combined from the two, depending on which ones you like best. Thanks again for your help. I will put background with each when the readers vote for the best of the ten you select but was unable to gather stories for all 23 of these.
#1. Rose - To die is to gain
#2. Alpha and Omega
#3. Amen lip (mostly because it's pretty hardcore
#4. Angel on the back
#5. Wrist arrows
#6. Black upper arm of Jesus
#7. Creation circles up the arm
#8. Simple, yet intricate woven cross
#9. This one is faint. It's the word "mercy" in pale ink on a former cutter's arm. I thought the juxtaposition of the scars and the new found mercy was powerful.
#10. Dollar Bill
#11. Fire

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